Obsidian Dreams

Junken Rom

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OBSIDIAN DREAMS is a sonic testament to the spiritual properties of healing stones and the power of its energetic vibrations. Each of the 4 tracks starts off slowly, building momentum on its free-flowing impulses and steering through various atmospheric settings. Passages are symphonic in nature, inspired from a tone poem with a space ambient approach. Throughout each track is an emphasis on harmony and tranquility balanced with an underlying restless energy with its own aural elements.

The Obsidian Stone is known to have mysterious properties and it is precisely this knowledge that the album takes its cue from, whether it is via gentle and soothing sustained notes, or dark, pulsating, tribal overtones. All tracks are mastered in 24 Bit quality by Zac Tiessen.


“This second musical outing started more as an experiment into the long form style while working on another album. I was mostly inspired by how an ambient master musician like Steve Roach, was able to tap into the various sonic properties of his immense soundscape world every time for all of his incredible albums. It was trying to reconnect myself to the spiritual plane of existence, and contemplating life’s journey that has helped guide me on this particular odyssey.

The original piece was mapped out as a long track, symphonic in nature, and stretching over 70 minutes before being finally arranged into 4 separate tracks: Spirit of Magma, Viscosity Flow, Amorphous Journey, and Elixir of Healing. The idea is that each track can still be joined together to form a cohesive whole, while retaining the same harmonic and thematic structure, with an emphasis on spiritual healing and wellness. It has been quite a journey creating this album over the course of 2 months. I hope all listeners can enjoy it from an immersive and tranquil setting.”

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