Ambient Blog

March/April Update 

Dear Folks,

I started this wonderful journey of creating ambient music mainly as a fan who was so inspired by listening to various artists on the radio and from my own music collection. It is quite awe-inspiring to be a part of this vibrant and yet unique niche community of musicians, fans and even casual listeners who love the endless possibilities this genre possesses. When I go back to my own works, I feel totally humbled and completely inadequate in the realization that many of these full-time musicians are in a higher league of their own, in producing the very music, whether live or in recordings, that speaks volumes of their genius. Yet in some way, I feel a kindred spirit in my own small way to contribute, and find something of worth, in order to spread to others, the many benefits that Ambient music has to offer.

In these rather difficult times, we are currently living in, it is important to recognize that the world can come together in various ways, in a more positive and encouraging spirit, to conquer our fears and make us more productive.

For the next little while, my music will be available for complimentary downloads. There will be more original content uploaded in the next few weeks. This site along with all of my musical endeavors are 100% self-funded. I am not asking for a donation or a Gofundme approach. It is enough that people out there can find my music and enjoy it in their own way. All I ask, is that you can leave a comment, or even a suggestion, and that is the right kind of encouragement one needs at this point. Subscribe to my You Tube channel, or any of my social media platforms to hear the latest. Tell me what you like to see or hear. I would love to hear from all of you.

Feel free to make a request perhaps about a musical theme or idea, and I may try to create a future track with that in mind. Occasionally I will also give a shout out to many musicians and other music-related channels out there that deserve proper attention. Too often I find that independent musicians do not receive enough recognition and support.


On that note, I want to thank Jos from for putting my music in his radio program Electronic Fusion for Episodes #237 and #238! Also I want to thank Jedimaster for putting me on his wonderful Space Ambient You Tube Channel for Space Ambient Mix #42 which at the moment has over 18,000 views. Two gentleman also deserve a lot of kudos since they both inspired me on my latest album "Aquatic Alchemy"; these two are Max Corbacho at and Brannan Lane at his Bandcamp site. Check their music out because they are truly amazing artists. I will be talking more about them in my upcoming blogs. These are two mastering engineers who have also mastered my previous mixes: Barry Gardner of Safe and Sound Mastering and Zac Tiessen of ZT Music Studio. Thanks for your awesome work. Finally a big thanks to Muhammad Nafay for creating those amazing album covers. What a talent!

Thank you for listening, and continue to enjoy the music.


Much love and respect,


Junken Rom